Become a partner of Eurographics 2018! We offer the following options of collaboration to companies that aim to partner the event.

For any inquiries about sponsorship, please contact: sponsoring@eurographics2018.nl

Sponsorship packages

The sponsorship packages are proposed at the following levels (tax not included).

A higher category implies a more prominent presentation.

€7.000 €4.000 €2.500 €1.500
Logo on Website X X X X
Logo on Conference Program X X X X
Roll-up Poster X X X  
Promotional Materials X X X  
Booth (2x3m) X X X  
Industry Presentation Slot X X    
Logo on Communication Items X X    
Logo on Student Volunteer T-shirt X X    
Mentioned in summary email to participants X X    
Registrations 3 1    
Named on signage of Coffee Break X X    
Named at Reception / Dinner and signage during Lunch X      
Mentioned in event announcement X      
Tech. presentation at public E-theater plenary session X      
Exclusive to max. 3 companies X