Become a partner of Eurographics 2018! We offer the following options of collaboration to companies that aim to partner the event.

Sponsorship packages

The sponsorship packages are proposed at the following levels (tax not included).

A higher category implies a more prominent presentation.

€7.000 €4.000 €2.500 €1.500
Logo on Website X X X X
Logo on Conference Program X X X X
Roll-up Poster X X X  
Promotional Materials X X X  
Booth (2x3m) X X X  
Industry Presentation Slot X X    
Logo on Communication Items X X    
Logo on Student Volunteer T-shirt X X    
Mentioned in summary email to participants X X    
Registrations 3 1    
Named on signage of Coffee Break X X    
Named at Reception / Dinner and signage during Lunch X      
Mentioned in event announcement X      
Tech. presentation at public E-theater plenary session X      
Exclusive to max. 3 companies X