During the conference we offer some tours.

Campus Tour TU Delft

During the campus tour you will get an overview of the research done at Delft University of Technology. You will visit exciting places, such as the large water tanks to study wave impact on dikes and the solar racing team, which has won the solar challenge world championship again this year.

Delft City Tour

Delft is a popular tourist attraction and one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Home of William of Orange, it is strongly connected to the royal family with many historic landmarks. And of course Delft Blue, the world-famous pottery.

Steamship ssRotterdam Tour

ssRotterdam is one the largest ocean liners that connected the Netherlands with the United States. Built between 1955 to 1958, "The Grande Dame" is 228m long and 61 m high. Today the cruise ship serves as a hotel and is one of the major attractions in Rotterdam.

Delft Shuttle Service

Delft has a shuttle service running everyday from 10:30 to 17:00. There are several stops around the city, including one at TU Delft library. The day ticket costs € 4,-.

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