We have arranged for discount prices at several hotels in Delft. These prices are only valid if you book your hotel room directly at the hotel, not through a booking site. Please use the following link and code. Prices include breakfast, city tax is not included.

overview of Suggested hotels for your stay during Eurographics 2018

Hotel Single room
Double room
Discount code
Hampshire Hotel Delft Centre €106,50   (1)
Hotel Casa Julia €92,- from €102,- Eurographics18
Hotel de Emauspoort €100,- (min. 3 nights)   EUROG2018 (2)
Hotel de Plataan from €99,- from €112,50 Eurographics2018 (2)
Westcord Hotel Delft 10% discount on available rooms No code needed

(1) Reservation is via email only: send an email to with the code "Eurographics 2018" to book rooms at this hotel.

(2) To fill in the "Remarks/Opmerkingen" field during booking process.

All above rates given without guarantee. Hotel booking charges are in EUROS, limited room capacities apply.


Participants are of course free to choose another hotel than suggested above.